Inside Juice Ranch

How Juice Ranch began…

Erin didn’t have health insurance so logically she discovered food as medicine. With food as her passion she gained experience in the kitchens in Guatemala, galleys of boats, and in her own cooking quarters, always experimenting without fear.

Scott discovered his appreciation for nature through ocean sports. He started Highliner Studios, an environmental film company that focuses its lens on oceanic education and preservation.

They met, mixed up some love potion, and mixed their acquired trades. Erin introduced Scott into eating raw and juicing. Scott noticed his energy levels rise, eyes clear, and body function at its optimal level. He soon became addicted to the green juices making the connection that education and consciousness towards the outside and inside environments are of equal value.

As their excitement spread, Erin began to host “Erin retreats,” known otherwise as group
juice cleanses. Scott and Erin found themselves making juice everyday, which was
practically a full time job! So, they made it one and decided to open up their own juice shop! They soon learned that they were providing a need to the community that was missing… a healthy “fast-food” option.

Erin found her niche as a juicing alchemist while Scott searched for closed-loop systems that he could practice, not preach (i.e. reusable glass bottles instead of single serving plastic). They now both live by the power of raw organic juice.


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