I: The Rebooter

“I am new to juicing and have never done a cleanse before. I love a good steak and happy hour, but I want to give my body a good reboot.”

This is perfect for anyone who wants to introduce more vegetables into their diet. This easy feast is gentle on the system and will allow you to feel confident to go about your day as usual.

II: The Athlete

“I exercise when I can and try to eat healthy & have a juice or two during the week. I do enjoy a nice glass of wine and sushi with friends on the weekends. “

This is designed for the weekday work out folks. It is more vegetable base than fruit allowing for a deeper detox.

III: The Conscience Cleanse

“I am conscience about everything I put into my body. I exercise frequently and juicing is definitely apart of my routine. I am ready to do another cleanse”

The third package is full of dark leafy greens designed for maximum cleansing. This one’s potent and for the “experienced” juicer.


We have thoughtfully put together a few different options for our juice cleanse warriors out there! Each day we provide you with six 17 oz cold-°©‐pressed juices and two elixirs. Each juice is numbered from #1 being the first juice you consume in the morning all the way to #6. The chlorophyll water should be sipped throughout the day to keep your body’s pH level balanced. The aloe vera water should be consumed before your last juice to help aid in digestion. You should consume each juice every 2 hours and consume your last juice two hours before you go to bed. It is important to drink plenty of water in between juices in order to stay hydrated.


*alcohol *caffeine *nicotine *sodas *processed foods *dairy *meat & poultry *fish & seafood *fried foods *refined sugars *wheat *protein powders


Light to moderate movement is encouraged depending on each individual. Yoga, walking, and light exercising will help you sweat to speed up the elimination of toxins and get things moving. Make sure to listen to your body and do not push your exertion level if you feel weak or light headed.


We highly recommend you get in touch with your backside. By this, we mean colonics and enemas, DUN DUNN DUNNNN!!!!!! Ok, so it sounds crazy scary but in fact it is one of the most beneficial acts you can do while cleansing. Think about it this way… our drains in our homes get clogged all the time by all sorts of debris. So what do we do? We call the plumber!! Our bodies get clogged over the years causing havoc on our health and energy. Imagine clean clear pipes…AAAHHH THE RELIEF!! If you are willing to explore (excuse the pun), shoot us an email and we will gladly give you more information on how to do this properly.


Juice is simply the mineral elements and distilled water that have been extracted from the fibers of whole fruits and vegetables. Juice cleansing, or “feasting” as we call it, allows your digestive tract to take a rest from working hard to break down solid foods.


Over the years we accumulate waste and toxins from our environment, water and the loads of processed refined foods we consume. Overtime, these factors slow down the digestive system and over load the body with “toxins”. Juice feasting allows for gentle elimination of toxins from the body while providing copious amounts of nutrients to keep the machine/ your body at optimal health.


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